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Why There Is Hope Disney+ Is Bringing Back Karen & Foggy to “Daredevil: Born Again”

As I said in “Daredevil: Born Again” Scrapped by Marvel…Hopefully A New Napkin, with the scrapping of DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN, there is some hope we might be getting Matt’s buddy and Avocado At Law Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) back from the Netflix series. My hope is Kevin Feige saw things weren’t working and thought better of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Why Daredevil: Born Again Bringing Karen And Foggy Back Is Hopefully Now More Likely Than Ever

My fingers are crossed for Karen and Foggy to return!

While we once knew that Daredevil: Born Again was expected to premiere sometime in early 2024, that no longer appears to be the case, and not just because of the writers and actors strikes indefinitely delaying production. Word’s come in that Born Again is going through a major creative overhaul that, among other things, has resulted in the writers and directors being let go, and Marvel Studios now forming a new creative team. Though some footage from the episodes that were shot will supposedly be retained in the final product, Born Again is now set to be much different than what was originally envisioned, and I’m hoping this means that it’s more likely the upcoming Marvel TV show will bring back Karen Page and Foggy Nelson.

Karen and Foggy have been important characters in the Daredevil mythology since the beginning, while the 2003 Daredevil movie didn’t give them much screen time, Netflix’s Daredevil series wisely positioned them as major players, who were respectively played by Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson. In fact, both actors reprised their roles in The Defenders miniseries and a few of Marvel’s other Netflix era shows. And yet, as you’ll see looking over the Daredevil: Born Again cast list, Woll and Henson are nowhere to be found. The only confirmed familiar faces back are Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock (duh), Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and Jon Bernthal’s Punisher.

Born Again’s lack of Karen Page and Foggy Nelson has never been officially addressed, and based off various rumors and reports, it seems like there was never any plan to even feature them in recurring or guest starring capacities. Specifically, scooper @CanWeGetSomeToast claims that in the original iteration off the show, Matt retired from being Daredevil after failing to save Foggy from being killed, and in a separate tweet, they say Karen was never even mentioned, which sounds bizarre.

Now that Daredevil: Born Again is going through these behind-the-scenes changes though, hopefully the lack of Foggy and Karen can be rectified, although I wouldn’t necessarily put money on it. @CanWeGetSomeToast later speculated that Foggy’s death will be among the plot points that’s kept in the new version, assuming the first four episodes are left “intact.” Still, I hope this doesn’t end up being true because Foggy and Karen deserve better than to be sidelined or not mentioned at all.

I’m not saying everyone reading this needs to be a fan of Elden Henson’s Foggy and/or Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen, but these characters are too integral to not to be included in Daredevil: Born Again, regardless of if this show is directly tied to Netflix’s Daredevil or exists in a separate continuity. They’re crucial to grounding Matt and keeping him in a more mentally healthy place. But even if Born Again’s story necessitates that Matt Murdock be surrounded by primarily new faces, that’s no reason why these two can’t pop their heads in briefly, whether it be in the present day or flashbacks.

I should note that in Foggy’s case especially, could the writing team really not think of anything better to do than kill him off? The only way I’d be ok with that is if it turned out that his death was faked in a way that deceived even Matt, but he eventually learns the truth and reunites with his best friend… but I digress. The point is, having a Daredevil show without Karen and Foggy would be like having a Batman show without Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner James Gordon. It’s doable, but a weird choice. Obviously the main people are tuning in is to watch Daredevil battle bad guys, but when it comes to humanizing elements in a story centered on the Man Without Fear, it doesn’t get much better than Karen and Foggy.


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“Daredevil: Born Again” Scrapped by Marvel…Hopefully A New Napkin

I’m still in the process of getting the site back up from the deletion as well as moving to a new host, however, this news came out and I had to post for obvious reasons. According to many media sources, DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN in its current form has been scrapped by Marvel/Disney. There were several episodes completed, but they will not be aired. Kevin Feige has decided the current model for Marvel shows is not working, therefore, he’s decided to go with a different way of producing these shows. I’m not sure what this means for DAREDEVIL in general. I can only hope it means anything planned will be closer to where we were at the end of season three of the Netflix show. A la A New Napkin. According to one source I’ve read the plan was with the Disney+ version, it would start with Matt Murdock saying goodbye to Foggy Nelson played in the original show by Elden Henson. There were also no plans on bringing back Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page. My feeling is other than Charlie, Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk/Kingpin), Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), and Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle/The Punisher) none of the original cast members were going to be back. They’d already recast Vanessa Fisk played by Ayelot Zuerer on Netflix, with actress Sandrine Holt. There was no word as to whether Elodie Yung would be back as Elektra, and certainly no word whether Mike Colter and Finn Jones would be back as Luke Cage and Danny Rand, though my feeling is they wouldn’t have been.

A word about the site. I’m still trying to get the content added to the gallery that was deleted. I said in a social media post I’ve had trouble finding some of the content I had when the site was deleted. When that is complete I’ll reopen the gallery. Until that time, the main site will reopen minus the posts up to this date. Those will be readded when I finally get the content back up in the gallery, though posts thus far go up to March 26, 2022. Please be patient while I continue to get the gallery back to what it was.

DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN Scrapped By Marvel Studios; Will Be Overhauled With A New Creative Team

Daredevil: Born Again is perhaps Marvel Studios’ most highly anticipated Disney+ TV series but, as a result of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, production on the 18-episode series was halted back in June.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fewer than half of the show had been shot but, having reviewed the footage, it was enough for Kevin Feige to decide it wasn’t working. As a result, Marvel Studios fired Head Writers Chris Ord and Matt Corman last month along with directors attached to the remaining episodes.

The plan now is to essentially reboot Daredevil: Born Again from a creative level, with the hunt on for new writers and directors.

Ord and Corman came up with a legal procedural that was vastly different from Netflix’s Daredevil; in fact, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock wasn’t going to don his superhero costume until the fourth episode! Even in an 18-episode season, that’s a strange decision.

Now, Daredevil: Born Again – in its original form, at least – has been scrapped but the show will live on.

“Marvel, after greenlighting the concept, found itself needing to rethink the original intention of the show,” the trade explains. “Marvel plans to keep some scenes and episodes, though other serialized elements will be injected, with Corman and Ord becoming executive producers on the two-season series.”

This overhaul is part of Marvel Studios’ new approach to small screen storytelling. The plan now is to begin hiring proper showrunners who will be joined by full-time TV executives in place of movie ones. As Marvel’s Brad Winderbaum explains, “We need executives that are dedicated to this medium, that are going to focus on streaming, focus on television, because they are two different forms.”

This revamped development process will see showrunners write pilots and show bibles, while the days of an entire series being shot – and then figuring out what did and didn’t work in post-production with costly reshoots – are now over.

We’ll also start seeing multi-season serialised TV shows rather than limited series which are used primarily to set the stage for other stories in the wider MCU. As we’ve seen, that approach has led to mixed results, especially when conflicting production schedules lead to a lack of connectivity.

It’s likely Daredevil: Born Again will now slip even further down the release calendar, and it’s hard to say how much of what we’ve heard about the show – such as The Punisher’s return and The Kingpin’s attempt to become New York City Mayor – will actually remain.

Stay tuned for updates.


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Charlie Cox Press Scans for 2007

As promised here are the beginnings of the massive update for press scans. These mostly deal with Charlie’s role as Tristan Thorn from STARDUST. I’m not going to bother with the links to the individual articles, rather I’m going to just link the entire section. All you have to do is click on the pictures below.

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Charlie Press Scans Announcement PLEASE READ

I’ve been working for the past few days getting all press scans I have in order to upload. They’ll likely be done this weekend and I’ll being uploading then. One thing I’m going to ask is this: If you’re going to copy to post somewhere else, please credit back to the site. I’ve been told there are a few of Charlie’s fans taking photos from this site to post elsewhere and call them theirs. I don’t ask a lot, but one thing I will ask is that you credit back to this site for anything you do post. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to screencap, extract, clip, whatever. All I’m asking is that you respect the work and just give a bit of a credit as to where you got it. Thank you for understanding.