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Charlie Announced to Lend His Voice to “Spider-Man: Freshman Year” as Daredevil

Another announcement out of SDCC2022 is that Charlie will lend his voice to SPIDER-MAN: FRESHMAN YEAR as Daredevil. More below.

Charlie Cox will return as Daredevil for Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated series in 2024

The new show will follow the MCU’s Peter Parker before the events of Captain America: Civil War.

Get ready to see more of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The actor will return to the role of the Man Without Fear in Spider-Man: Freshman Year, the upcoming Marvel Studios animated series that will serve as a prequel to the MCU’s Spider-Man movies, the studio announced in a Comic-Con panel Friday.

Cox originally played Daredevil in an eponymous Netflix series — part of a slate of Defenders shows — before Disney moved to develop its own in-house series for Disney+. And he reprised his role as an out-of-costume Matt Murdock opposite Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now Cox’s Daredevil will be interacting with Peter Parker before the events of Captain America: Civil War, in animated form.

Marvel is also reportedly working on a new Daredevil series, and there have been reports that Cox and his Daredevil costar Vincent D’Onofrio (who played Wilson Fisk/Kingpin) are returning for the Disney+ Echo series after D’Onofrio dropped by Hawkeye.

Freshman Year executive producer and head writer Jeff Trammell confirmed some of the other characters popping up around Peter in the show as well. They include Nico Minoru, a comic book character from The Runaways. In this context, Nico is Peter’s best friend, and as far as casting, Trammell advised the panel audience to expect the unexpected. Doctor Strange will also be a part of the series, though it’s not known if Benedict Cumberbatch will return to voice him.

Harry and Norman Osborne are also confirmed to appear, and both will be depicted as Black characters — which will presumably have implications for which actors might play these two in live-action form in the MCU movies moving forward.

Trammell further name-dropped characters like Amadeus Cho, Lonnie Lincoln, Wakandan genius Asha, Dr. Otto Octavius, Chameleon, Speed Demon, Scorpion, Butane the Pyromaniac, Tarantula, the Rhino, and Dr. Bentley Wittman. (Paul F. Tompkins, who moderated the panel, revealed that he will voice Wittman.)

Michael Mando portrayed Scorpion in a post-credits scene for Spider-Man: Homecoming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will voice the character in Freshman Year.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year will arrive in 2024 and it has already been greenlit for a second season, which will be called Spider-Man: Sophomore Year.


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