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Charlie Attends The 75th Annual Tony Awards

Just like the title says. We have some new event images for you of Charlie attending the 75th Annual Tony Awards in New York alongside his BETRAYAL co-stars Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton. Enjoy.


“Kin” – E1X03 HD Screencaps

Gotta admit episode three was a bit hard to get through. If it wasn’t Jamie’s (Cian Fitzsimmons) funeral, Jimmy’s (Emmett J Scanlan) eulogy, or Michael’s trying to connect with Anna (Hannah Adeogun) I have to say I was exhausted from all the crying I did. That scene when Michael tries to talk to Anna and Charlie’s always expressive eyes about did me in. Here are episode three’s screencaps. Enjoy.

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Here ahead of time are the screencaps of Charlie’s second episode of KIN where he plays the part of Michael Kinsella. This series is amazing. The tone and the way it’s shot is so oblique. Funny thing here is Charlie’s mom in this series is played by the ever incredible Maria Doyle Kennedy who plays the part of Jocasta Cameron Innes in the STARZ time traveling show Outlander. Jocasta is blind. Seeing both Charlie and Maria sitting in that car at the beginning was too funny in that as Matt Murdock in DAREDEVIL, Charlie is supposed to be….blind! What are the odds?


“Kin” E1X01 HD Screencaps

Here are the HD screencaps for the first episode of Charlie’s new AMC show KIN. So far it’s a really good show, though a bit dark in some scenes. It is a stylish drama where Charlie plays the part of ex-con Michael Kinsella.

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Charlie Leads “Kin” Along With A Stellar Cast and First Still

More about Charlie’s new show KIN.

Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, leads a stellar cast in by-the-numbers crime drama Kin

ByAlex McLevy

Is there a limited number of possible stories when it comes to gangster dramas? Kin, the newest offering from streaming service AMC+, certainly acts like it. Plot-wise, it’s an entirely paint-by-numbers affair; anyone who’s seen a contemporary tale about mobsters, gangsters, or any like-minded group of relatives who like to keep criminal wrongdoing in the family, will surely see most of the major narrative turns coming long before they arrive. From the inter-familial dynamics to the inciting incident that kicks off a serious turf struggle among warring elements of Irish drug cartels in Dublin, there’s very little here that fans of the genre won’t have seen before. So thank goodness, then, that the show packs its roster with ace character actors and potent, charismatic performers, each one giving their all to this fairly generic material. They make the shopworn clichés sing, once again proving that, with the right cast, even halfway-decent material can come alive.

The show kicks off with the return of a prodigal son: Michael Kinsella (Charlie Cox, in his first lead TV role since the end of Daredevil) has recently been paroled, following his incarceration for some unknown but apparently fairly notorious act of violence. He’s picked up by brother Jimmy (Emmet J. Scanlan), and during a welcome-home party, the somewhat taciturn Michael slowly gets up to speed on the various dealings involving his criminal family, including Jimmy’s wife Amanda (Clare Dunne) and her two teenage sons, his mother (Orphan Black’s Maria Doyle Kennedy), and patriarch Frank (Game Of Thrones’ Aiden Gillen, nicely underplaying as usual), among others. It seems the Kinsella family’s usual mid-level drug operation is being squeezed by local trafficking head Eamon Cunningham (Ciarán Hinds), whose supply the Kinsella rely on, and who is increasingly insisting they operate as essentially an extended wing of his empire.


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