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Charlie Talks Matt Murdock’s Flaws & More
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Charlie Talks Matt Murdock’s Flaws & More

While searching the Youtubes for stuff on Charlie, I found this long interview with Rajeev Masand where Charlie talks about Matt Murdock’s flaws, his love life and his hope for THE DEFENDERS. This is a really cool interview with Charlie and he shows how truly sweet he is. I loved Charlie’s reaction to what Rajeev said about the discussion on message boards about whether Charlie really is blind. Charlie’s candor with regards to the question about religion is quite a humble thing on his behalf, as well as his admission to being a private person and not having all the social media stuff. It is for that reason this site will respect Charlie’s privacy and not post any photos of him in his private life. He’s allowed that, I feel. The other thing I found very cute was his telling about being an Englishman in New York. I’m thinking a Sting song at this moment, though I know that’s about being an illegal alien. Same thing. Here’s the interview.


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