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Charlie Rumoured To Appear In “Iron Fist” & “Luke Cage” Series
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Charlie Rumoured To Appear In “Iron Fist” & “Luke Cage” Series

According to what I’ve been hearing from SDCC2016, Charlie ahead of THE DEFENDERS is rumoured to be appearing in both IRON FIST and LUKE CAGE Netflix series. As each show builds on the last going into the street level Marvel heroes, it seems Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones and The Punisher will be peppered throughout the other shows.


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4 Comments on “Charlie Rumoured To Appear In “Iron Fist” & “Luke Cage” Series

  1. It would make sense and greatly needed to have cross-over characters to help build to the Defenders. I’d be curious when Charlie would have had time to film any part of Iron Fist given how much time he spent on his play which ran all summer.

    When is Luke Cage film vs what Charlie was filming at the time if anything?

    Although it’d make zero sense of Daredevil didn’t appear in the Punisher spin-off tbh.

    I don’t think it’

    1. Kristen:

      First of all, thanks for being my first commenter. I really to appreciate you taking the time to do so. And yes, it would make perfect sense for the “granddad” of the Netflix shows to cross pollinate. This is just what I’ve been hearing coming out of the various people on Youtube who have attended the different panels. This one came from three sources so I held back deliberately from posting it. Though as I said in the post, it’s still pretty much a rumour. Whether it does come to pass will yet to be seen.

      LUKE CAGE began filming in Septebmer 2015, and completed filming in March of this year. Given Charlie most likely was in rehearsals for his play around that time, it wouldn’t have been too hard to bring him in for perhaps even a cameo. He did have his beard till pretty much opening night of INCOGNITO. And I agree about appearing in THE PUNISHER considering that character got his traction in DAREDEVIL. As for IRON FIST, it’s filming now as it began in April this year right after LUKE CAGE wrapped.

      Thanks again for commenting. Please come back again.


  2. Thanks, Dianne, and sorry for so many random type-o’s Teaches me not to comment when I’m so tired.

    I forgot that Iron Fist is still in production, that might work, especially, if he just did something quick at the end of the season.

    Since Luke Cage was mid 2015, it’s definitely conceivable that he could have a cameo in that as well!

    I won’t get too excited, but it would make sense from a story perspective to have the anchor to your Marvel franchise appear to cross some needed dots to bring some cohesiveness to the universe.

    1. Kristen:

      You are more than welcome. And no need to apologize for typos. I commit many infractions with them on a daily basis. I’m shocked my posts actually make sense.

      Yes, IRON FIST is still in production. They likely cobbled together whatever footage they had from whatever they have filmed so far. And I have to say that I like what I see. I like Finn Jones. He really impressed me on Game of Thrones as Loras Tyrell so I’ll gladly follow him anywhere. Thing is from what I get, shows are largely filmed out of sequence. So something may be filmed for episode six ahead of episode four. Or like on Game of Thrones, actor Pedro Pascal who played Oberyn Martell/The Red Viper said he had filmed his death scene, but then had about a handful of other scenes to film to wrap his time up. His final scene was with Lena Headey (Cersei). So whatever Charlie might be filming it could appear in the first episode, fifth or the final.

      What you said about crossing over is one of the reasons I really do hope with the tone and tenor Captain America: Civil War took, it blends well with the one and tenor these Netflix shows are using. The palette they used in Civil War was very similar to the vibrant tones used in DAREDEVIL in the greens, reds, yellows and blues. So I’m hoping this bodes well for us to see our Netflix heroes in Infinity War. I mean who has Tony Stark got other than an injured Rhodey, Vision and Spidey? That kind of a “crossover” would be amazing. Not to forget that Charlie has said he’d kill to be on the big screen.

      Take care.


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