Welcome to DARING :: CHARLIE COX ONLINE @ a site dedicated to British actor Charlie Cox. Best known as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the Netflix Original Series DAREDEVIL and THE DEFENDERS, Charlie has quite a resume for such a young career. Starring on both big and little screens, Charlie's work includes KING OF THIEVES, EAT LOCAL, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, DOWNTON ABBEY, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, STARDUST, CASANOVA, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, THERE BE DRAGONS, and others. If you're a fan please make this your source for all things Charlie. We respect Charlie's privacy therefore this site has an explicit NO CANDIDS policy.
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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” HD Screencaps

Here is Charlie’s one scene in SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME that guaranteed Matt Murdock and Daredevil would be continuing within the Marvel Universe. I love this scene and thought I’d use the brick-catch as the featured image. Welcome back Matt Murdock and welcome back Charlie Cox. I wasn’t able to go and see this in the theatre due to my unvaccinated status during the COVID virus, but I heard when the cane came on screen there were tons of screams.

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Gallery Update

An update of some event images for the gallery. One batch is of Charlie filming DAREDEVIL on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. In some of the photos you can see he’s sitting on a bench with Peter McRobbie, the actor who played Father Lantom. The the scene looks like it’s from season one. Enjoy.

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Charlie Cox – 2018 Event Images Omnibus

I thought I’d just go ahead and group all of Charlie’s 2018 events in together.

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Charlie Talks About “Incognito” & “The Defenders”

Charlie sat down with Imogen Lloyd Webber (Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s daughter) to talk about his current play INCOGNITO, admitting he has a bad singing voice, working with both Al Pacino (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE) and Robert DeNiro (STARDUST) as the high point of his career, a possible third season of DAREDEVIL, and the upcoming THE DEFENDERS. This is a really cute interview. Enjoy.